Fish Ceviche Recipe (Kinilaw na Isda)

Fish Ceviche Recipe

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This Fish Ceviche is the national dish of Peru. It’s also a food staple in several nations like Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, United States, Panama and other tropical countries like the Philippines. Here in the Philippines, Fish Ceviche is locally called Kinilaw na Isda.




  1. Wash and clean your fish.
  2. Slice your fish into cubes, scales and bones removed.
  3. Simmer the vinegar for 20 minutes to remove the excess acidity. Let it cool.
  4. Marinate the fish in vinegar for 15 minutes then drain.
  5. Combine ginger, garlic and onion then add fish.
  6. Add coconut creme ( optional)
  7. Season with salt and pepper put the chili.
  8. Add Chili and other ingredients according to taste.


The video above shows another way of preparing kinilaw na isda.

Try to avoid leftovers as the acidic nature of the marinade can make the texture of the fish and vegetables undesirable if left too long.


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