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Creamy Maja Blanca Recipe

A lot of the Filipino culture has been greatly influenced by the Spanish colonization. From the name itself, the Filipino dessert Maja Blanca is...

Panara Recipe

The Panara Recipe is a food that can be an appetizer and it can also be perfectly matched with your dish, at first I...

Palitaw Recipe

Have you ever tried being a part of a Filipino New Year’s celebration where you see a delicious banquet with white discs served in...

Puto Recipe (Puto with Cheese)

Every country has versions of Puto Recipe (Rice Cakes), and the Philippines is not behind when it comes to it. The Filipino Version of...

Crema de Fruta Recipe

Crema de Fruta is one of the favorite desserts in the Philippines; it is also a traditional dessert that is sure to please people...

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