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Beef Morcon Recipe

Here in the Philippines a typical Beef Morcon Recipe will consist of meat that is sliced thinly to use for the roll and hard-boiled eggs, ham, sausage, carrots, pickles and/or raisins and hotdogs as fillings and tied with a twine to secure all the ingredients together. It is either cooked by steaming or frying then cut when cool enough and served in parties especially Christmas or Birthdays.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs Recipe

Sweet and Sour Meatballs Recipe might seem a little childish to you but this dish is in no way childish in fact adults love meatballs too especially when the taste is just right and the sauce is perfect. This dish is easy and fun to make and it's also a little messy but that's where the fun lies. You can make the meatballs the night before and prepare the sauce the day you're going to serve it. Have your kids form the meatballs while you stir the sauce, this way, at an early age they will know the importance of family time.

Pork Menudo Recipe (Menudong Baboy)

Pork Menudo is very easy to make. Just prepare all the ingredients by chopping garlic and onions, slicing the meat, dicing the potatoes and carrots and slicing the liver before cooking. Saute garlic and onions first then meat second and just let it cook until it is tender before adding potatoes and carrots; it's up to you if you want to put liver last or not. After cooking, serve it at once but you can also freeze it in case there are leftovers.

Filipino Spaghetti Recipe

Filipino Spaghetti Recipe is very popular with kids. They love eating this dish with Fried Chicken and French Fries but it's also for the grown-ups because this can be comfort food for everyone.

Chop Suey Recipe (Chopsuey)

They say that Chop Suey (Chopsuey) is Chinese and American in Origin and goes back to the late 19th Century when a Chinese ambassador visited New York, and, wishing to have a harmonious relationship with the Americans, told his cook to invent a dish to impress them and a version of this dish is what the cook made; whether the origin is true or not, this dish is well-liked by many.

Pork Kaldereta Recipe (Kalderetang Baboy)

The Kaldereta (Caldereta) is another favorite among Filipinos though it did not really originate in the Philippines. This Recipe was brought to this land by the Spaniards during their three hundred years of colonization.

Pinakbet Recipe

Pinakbet is a combination of different vegetables, fish paste, and grilled milkfish or Pork; this is the Ilocano Version. In other regions and most common in the Philippines, they have been using Shrimp Paste or Bagoong Alamang and Pork or sometimes Chicharon instead but nevertheless, it is still delicious.

Kare-Kare Recipe

The Kare-Kare is not a so simple dish. Its main ingredient is the Oxtail. The Filipino Bokchoy, Banana Blossom, Eggplant and String beans are a must in this recipe.  It can be combined with other meat ingredients like Pork hocks or whatever the cook prefers to add. Saute the garlic and onion then the oxtail can be added. When it is already a bit chewable, add in the peanut butter, ground rice, and annatto.

Chicken Kaldereta Recipe (Kalderetang Manok)

The Chicken Kaldereta is not so hard to prepare; just make sure there is garlic, onion, potato, fresh bell pepper and of course, not to mention the chicken. Having this during family bonding time will make everyone wishing it is Sunday again.

Beef Kaldereta Recipe (Caldereta)

Caldereta or Kaldereta in Filipino originated from the Spaniards and was brought in the Philippines during their 300 years of colonization. It was a recipe that the Filipinos have gotten so used to that they have made it a part of the Filipino cuisine, taking it as their very own. Though the Filipinos love the Pork and Chicken Kaldereta, the most popular version of Kaldereta in the Philippines is the Beef Kaldereta Recipe.

Filipino Pancit Canton Recipe

Pancit may be handed down to us by our Chinese friends but it is undeniably one of the most loved dishes here in the...

Special Chicken Embutido Recipe

This embutido recipe is more tender, softer, and easier to cook because instead of pork, chicken is the main ingredient. While pork embutido is common, this Chicken Embutido Recipe is a classic on its own.

Biko Recipe

In Tagalog region, Biko is also known as “Sinukmani” (sweet sticky rice). The Biko Recipe is the all-time favorite dessert or “meryenda” (mid-afternoon snack).  A...

Pork Embutido Recipe (Homemade Special)

Pork Embutido is enjoyed by many households throughout the Philippines. This sweet and salty dish is either Processed and Canned which you can buy...

Chicken Afritada Recipe

With the freshest ingredients, this chicken dish can take the center stage of your gatherings. The Chicken Afritada recipe is a traditional Filipino dish made by sauteing garlic, onions, fresh chickens, carrots, and potatoes together with tomato sauce, green peas, and bell pepper. It can either be sweet, salty or both depending on what suits your taste buds as well as the other people you’re cooking it for.

Fish Sinigang sa Kamias Recipe (Sinigang na Isda)

Fish Sinigang sa Kamias is 30 minutes or less delicious soup dish.  It only needs to boil all ingredients, no need sautéing and it means less fat and oil.  You can use any kinds of fish from Tilapia, Red snapper, and Grouper.  You can also add more vegetables if you want.  For this dish, I use Bilimbi (Kamias in Tagalog) as the souring agent.  It is also known as cucumber or sorrel tree.

Pork Sinigang with Gabi Recipe

Whether you believe it or not, cooking can be a stress reliever.  When you have a demanding job, finding time to cook for my...

Sinigang na Salmon Recipe

Sinigang is a soup or stew, usually cook with meat or seafood by boiling it with a sour base such as Tamarind, Guava, Calamansi, Kamias, Santol or Unripe Mango.  It is a common dish of the Filipino culture.

Bangus Sinigang Recipe (Sinigang na Bangus)

Sinigang ng Bangus or Milkfish in Sour Broth is an all-time favorite dish of many Filipinos.  It is a dish made of vegetables boiled in sour broth, cooked until the vegetable turn glossy before adding the milkfish.  The sour taste of tamarind juice gives the distinctive taste of the broth.  One of the main ingredients is the milkfish.

Sinigang na Hipon Recipe

The Sinigang na Hipon Recipe is a sour dish and shrimp is the main ingredient.  A shrimp based meal is a significant source of cholesterol, provide low in calories.  It is rich in protein and provides an array of nutrients.  It is also a significant source of cholesterol depending on the method of preparation.  Shrimp is not only very nutritious, it is also a popular ingredient in Salads, Chowders, Appetizers and as a main dish.

Beef Sinigang Recipe (Sinigang na Baka)

Cooking Sinigang like Beef Sinigang Recipe is popular in our country, the Philippines. It is very easy to prepare. Aside from the famous Adobo, Sinigang...

Camaron Rebosado Recipe

The Camaron Rebosado Recipe is a deep-fried battered shrimp dish in the Philippines.  It is a Filipino style dish with a Chinese influence but has...

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Halo-Halo Recipe (How to Make Halo-Halo)

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