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Cassava Cake Recipe

Cassava cake is a favorite traditional Filipino moist cake. It is commonly sold as "pasalubong" in specialty stores along the highway. Here’s a really easy cassava cake recipe with rich and creamy custard topping. A perfect dessert for special occasions but also great for coffee or tea time.

Pichi pichi Recipe

Pichi pichi is a delighful dessert made from cassava (balinghoy, kamoteng kahoy) that has been ever present in the Philippines. It is a classic Filipino snack or "merienda" and pasalubong. You can easily find pichi pichi being sold in streets and wet market. Lately, this well know delicacy is becoming hard to come by, unless there is a specialty products store near you. Thankfully, this pichi pichi recipe is simple and easy to follow.

Kutsinta Recipe

Kutsinta or Puto Cuchinta is one of the most popular Filipino desserts. As a kid, I love eating kutsinta for breakfast and for snacks in the afternoon. It is chewy, sticky, and has a jelly-like texture. There are also colorful ones which makes it fun to eat. It turns out that kutsinta recipe is simple, quick, and easy to make. Its ingredients can be easily found in bakery supplies store or supermarket.

Skinless Longganisa Recipe

Skinless longganisa is typically flavored with sugar, black pepper, vinegar and garlic. It is best paired with garlic fried rice, sunny side eggs, and tomatoes.

Sugar Cookie Recipe

This sugar cookie recipe is traditional, classic home made sugar cookie, and easy to make. You can make them from scratch! The output is a soft and chewy cookie that you will surely enjoy eating.

Bulanglang Recipe

Bulanglang recipe is quick and easy to prepare. It is a healthy meal which consists of different types of vegetables.

Tortang Giniling Recipe

If you like eggs for breakfast and want to put a twist to that traditional scrambled egg, try this easy tortang giniling recipe! Tortang Giniling is...

Siopao Pork Asado Recipe

Siopao is a soft and fluffy filled bun that is a favorite in Filipino culture. It is a localized term coined after the Chinese dimsum...

Homemade Pandesal Recipe

Pandesal, which means "salt bread", is a type of Filipino bread roll made of flour, yeast, eggs, salt, and sugar. It is soft, airy, chewy...

Pancit Palabok Recipe

No Filipino Birthday celebration will be complete without any kind of Pancit dish because to Pinoys, the long strands of noodles (Pancit) signify long...

Tortang Talong Recipe (Eggplant Omelette)

In the Philippines, torta refers to a kind of omelette made with eggs or eggplant, ground meat, minced onion, and potato. It is a...

Polvoron Recipe

Polvoron, (polboron in Cebuano, pulburon in Tagalog) is a classic dessert loved by every Filipino. It is a sweet and crumbly shortbread made of...

Pancit Bihon Guisado Recipe

This pancit bihon guisado recipe uses both chicken and pork. Some chorizo are also added and uses snow peas, also called "chicharo", instead of green beans as it is much sweeter.

Ginisang Togue Easy Recipe (Mung Bean Sprouts)

In this Ginisang Togue Easy Recipe ( Mung Bean Sprout Stir Fry) I added some quail eggs because it pairs well with bean sprouts, but if you're vegetarian or in a no meat diet, you can simply remove the pork and eggs. It’s equally satisfying as a main dish or a side.

Sopas Recipe (Creamy Chicken Macaroni Soup)

This creamy soup is made with chicken, pasta, vegetables, and milk. Kids and adults of all ages love a warm cup of Sopas for dinner on a rainy day. Check out our quick video to see how to make this creamy chicken macaroni soup

Chicken Sotanghon Soup Recipe

This Filipinos’ all-time favorite soup is made with bone-in chicken wings simmered in aromatics and cellophane noodles also knows as glass noodles. It is a complete meal all in itself. It is flavorful, hearty and good for boosting your immune system. Check out our quick video to see how to make this chicken sotanghon soup.

Champorado Recipe (Filipino Chocolate Porridge)

Champorado, a Filipino chocolate-rich rice porridge, is traditionally served during breakfast or prepared during rainy days to bring comfort and warmth.

Crispy Pata Recipe (Filipino Style Fried Pig Feet)

In this recipe the whole pigs leg is to be boiled in flavorful broth with soy sauce in order to achieve a dark crispy rind and juicy meat that will determine a good Crispy Pata.

Lechon Kawali Recipe (Fried Pork Belly)

Lechon Kawali is different from Chicharon, Kinupsan and Bagnet, though all this recipes are the crispy validation of how Filipinos know and love their pork.

Siomai Recipe

Siomai is originally a traditional Chinese dumpling often served as Dim Sum but somehow it has been assimilated by Filipinos as well.

Lomi Recipe (Pancit Lomi)

Lomi is a Chinese-inspired egg noodle soup which is served in thick starchy soup and garnished with a variety of toppings depending on one’s...

Yang Chow Fried Rice Recipe

There are a ton of varieties to fried rice; an especially notable one is Yang Chow fried rice. The word “popular” for this dish...

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Halo-Halo Recipe (How to Make Halo-Halo)

he Halo-Halo Recipe is truly a Pinoy dessert which contains shaved ice, evaporated milk, sugar or some syrup, sweet beans, sweet banana, nata de coco, garbanzos, jelly, macapuno, sago, gulaman, sweet jackfruit, ube halaya and leche flan